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    Connect with your consumers through differential storytelling

    We help you to create engagement with communities that will enhance your reputation and business

    In Consumer Engagement we are specialist in developing differential stories that give coherence to your brand, activating it in different territories through entertainment contents and conversation strategies that strengthen customer loyalty and foster recommendation by consumers

    Enhance differential positioning

    Build the identity of your brand, manage it and, above all, put it into action through differential storytelling in conversation territories that are important for consumers


    Multiply engagement 

    Promote stories that offer value and entertainment for consumers who are being saturated  with information and content

    Generate impact and awarness

    Combine different communication formats (audiovisual, interactive and experiential) and great stories to multiply the impact at all your brand’s touchpoints


    International awards for Communication and Creativity in this area

    The effort we put daily into our work has been recognized by international entities that acknowledge creative excellence, such as Cannes Lions, Stevie Awards, Publifestival, Mercury, The Sabre Awards, Premios Eikon, El Sol, among others



    Consumer Engagement

    Contact a multidisciplinary international team

    David González Natal

    +34 91 563 77 22 EXT 148

    Global and Spain

    Alejandra Aljure

    +57 7438000 EXT 101



    Marlene Gaspar

    +351 219 239 700


    Raimundo Díaz

    +507 206 5108


    María Emilia Marta

    +54 11 5556 0700 ext. 704


    Hugo Valdez

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    Fernando García



    Connect with your consumers